Growing Jasmine

Growing Jasmine Sambac

Grand Duke of Tuscany Jasmine Sambac

Jasmine are easy to grow and brings beautiful fragrance to your home and garden. They are tropical plants and thus warm weather is their optimal growing conditions. They love heat and humidity. That is when the most active growth occurs. Jasmine flowers from the spring to early fall. Plenty of direct sunlight is essential for jasmines to flower. 

What to watch out for:

Jasmines Sambacs are tropical plants. They do not produce much, if any, top growth when the temperature drops in the 50s or 60s. The root system is still growing in the soil, waiting for spring. Jasmines don't tolerate freezing temperature well. The plant may come back from a light frost. It is best to bring the plant indoors or place in a greenhouse.


Transplant to a quart - 2 gallon size container. Make sure the container have good drainage. In areas with warmer weather, use a larger container, 1-2 gallon. In areas with a shorter summer season and cooler temperatures, use a smaller container, quart to 1 gallon.


Arabian Knights Jasmine Sambac

Use any good all purpose soil.


Full Direct Sunlight to Partial Shade. Jasmine Sambacs will grow fine in a shaded area. However, it will not produce as much flowers. Sunlight is essential for Jasmines to produces buds/flowers.


Jasmine are most active growing during warm weather. During that time, it consumes the most nutrients and water. Fertilize in the spring and again in the summer. An all purpose fertilizer will be fine. We also recommend a good slow release fertilizer. Follow the instructions on the label.


After transplanting, drench the plant. The frequency of watering your plant will depend on the growing conditions. If it is sunny and warm, water daily or every other day. Your plant will wilt if there is insufficient water. Increase frequency. In cooler weather, let the top of the soil dry in between watering.

Growing plants is a continuous learning experience. We will update and add recommendations as we learn more. You can help us by sharing your growing experience. Leave a comment below.