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Angelwing Jasmine ~ "Jasminum Nitidum" ~ Star Jasmine

Angelwing Jasmine ~ "Jasminum Nitidum" ~ Star Jasmine

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Scientific name: Jasminum Nitidum
Common names: Angelwing Jasmine, Star Jasmine

Sunlight: Full Sun, Partial Shade
USDA Hardiness Zone: 9 - 11 
Foliage: Evergreen in frost free climate


Jasminum Nitidum is an evergreen plant that grows as shrub with vine tendency. The plant responds well to pruning and can be kept as a medium shrub, 3-5 feet tall. Left on it's own, it produces thin long stems that sway with the wind. In the spring/summer, the plant produces pink red buds that open to white pinwheel flowers. The plant is sensitive to frost, provide protection in cooler climates.  

Our current inventory is about 7-12" tall. Sample plant for sale is shown in photos 4-7. Plant ships in 2.25"x3" deep container. This plant flowers on and off in warm weather. Therefore we are unable to guarantee the plant will have flowers or buds at the time of shipping. 

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