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'Fudingzhu' Sweet Olive ~ Tea Olive ~ (Osmanthus fragrans) ~ Fragrant

'Fudingzhu' Sweet Olive ~ Tea Olive ~ (Osmanthus fragrans) ~ Fragrant


'Fudingzhu' translates to “pearls on Buddha’s head". This new variety of tea olive, sweet olive, produces large clusters of intensely fragrant flowers. It flowers from late summer to early spring.

Fudingzhu will start blooming on a plant several inches tall.  Perfect for container garden or smaller flower bed. 

Sunlight: Full Sun - Partial Shade
USDA Hardiness Zone: 8 - 10
Foliage: Evergreen

Our current inventory is similar to the plant in photos 2/3. They are about 4-8" tall. Order soon, I always sent out the best plants first. It will be ship growing in a 3" deep container. 

While some of our photos show plants with bud/flower, we cannot guarantee your plant will arrive with bud/flower. 

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