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'White Wings' Tropical Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

'White Wings' Tropical Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

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Hibsicus rosa-sinensis 'White Wings' produces an abundance of bright white flowers with a red center. In tropical climates, it grows to 10-12 feet tall, making them great for colorful hedges. Outside the tropical regions, it does well in container. Make sure to protect from frost as this is a tropical hibiscus.In tropical growing zone, the plant matures to a large shrub, 5-8 feet tall. It matures to a smaller size in cooler growing climate. The plant can be kept at 2-4 feet tall, great for container. 


USDA Hardy Zone: 10 - 11

Foliage: Evergreen

Sunlight: Full or Partial shade 

Our current inventory is about 5-10 inches tall. It will be ship growing in a 3" deep container.  Photo 2 shows a sample of our current plants. 



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